What is BurleX Fitness?

BurleX Fitness offers dance, flexibility and fitness classes throughout the UK. We also provide accredited training courses, private tuition, plus the option of home study courses. Our classes focus on muscle toning, core strength and flexibility creating a medium level of cardio fitness in the form of interval training.

Our main goals are to support women and leave them feeling fit and healthy, empowered and confident while creating a friendly supportive community for all. We aim to bring flirtatious fun to exercise and motivate women from all walks of life to get active.

Our Aims


Our classes are ultimately about fun, we bring the flirtatious edge of Burlesque to the studio


The program aims to improve core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health


Our classes feel like a typical fun filled themed night out, fitness is simply an added bonus 


BurleX classes have been proven to increase levels of confidence and self-esteem