What is BurleX Fitness?

Why Us?

Burlex Fitness™ is a UK network of licensed fitness classes. It is closely themed on the Burlesque style of dance. Whilst we are not directly affiliated with the Burlesque industry, we have incorporated choreography from this dance style. With the use of popular and traditional burlesque music, BurleX Fitness is a fun and exciting way to work out. The program is designed to tone, strengthen and improve your flexibility .

Become an Instructor

We run multiple courses across the UK which can be found by clicking the link belowBecome a BurleX Fitness Instructor

The class contains a medium level of cardio fitness combined with interval training. Shimmy and wiggle your way through routines with the use of chairs and props to make your workout exciting and unique.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling sexy, confident and toned!

Scan the QR code to sign up for class locations or follow this link http://eepurl.com/HtqNr QR code for class interest mailchimp

Background of BurleX

BurleX Fitness™ was originally founded in 2013 and is currently owned by Karen Dickson. Karen began teaching BurleX Fitness classes in Glasgow in 2014 after qualifying as an Instructor. She has a trained background in dance, movement and performing arts and also has a post-graduate degree in teaching.

After her first BurleX workshop, the feedback was amazing, which made her realise that there was a gap in the fitness industry that allowed women from all walks of life to come together and enjoy a fun filled fitness class with no expectations. Not only did she find that the burlesque core moves were fantastic for toning the body but her ladies had become more confident in the way they moved. The class numbers soon increased and it was then she realised it was time to unleash BurleX Fitness classes to the world.

I wanted to ensure that BurleX classes were suitable for everyone to join so all core moves are taught and adapted for each individual to work at their own pace and build a level of fitness that suits them. My goal was to create a positive fitness community where every student felt supported and encouraged by other women with no pressure or judgement. I’ve found the easiest way to maintain a healthy exercise routine is to participate in an activity that doesn’t feel like a chore. Over the years I have met some of the most fabulous ladies and watched them grow in confidence, push their boundaries, embrace their bodies and learn to love (and shimmy) what they have. With weekly dance fitness classes and the number of BurleX Fitness Instructors continuing to grow, I am extremely grateful and proud to be owner and director of this fabulous company.

- Director Karen Dickson



” Got to say a massive thank you to Burlex Fitness. I attended the Scottish training course and have classes in Edinburgh and Midlothian. Not only am I loving teaching  these classes but I feel like a whole new person and the bonus of my body starting to change just in time for summer is amazing 🙂 thank you for changing my life.”

Tracy Boswell, Edinburgh


” Brilliant instructor training course today in Sunderland, can’t wait to get started!”

Donna Ayre, Newcastle upon Tyne


I was a bit apprehensive about this class to begin with but I needn’t have worried! The routines are great fun and Cara provides options so everyone pushes themselves. The class is so friendly and all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcome. You don’t actually realise the muscles you’ve been using until the next day! Definitely recommend to all!

Lorna Nathani, Paisley


” Absolutely love this class. I have been to a few sessions and I’m feeling the benefits……. I have lost 7lb and 7in already. Result!! And the beauty is I don’t even feel like I’m exercising, just having fun with props. Love dancing about with the boas! I’d recommend this to anyone.”

Pamela Lister Muir, Barrhead, Glasgow


” First lesson at Kippax this week and loved it, can’t wait to go again.”

Kerry Horner, Kippax, Leeds


” Hi there from Kirsty in Greece!! First Burlex Fitness will be shown here on Friday!!! Burlex fitness has gone international!!!!!”

Kirsty Papaioannou, Thessaloniki, Greece


” Absolutely loved the Burlex workshop! Brilliant class, awesome instructor, fun routines, great music and all the while you are exercising, and exercising well! I felt this class boosted my confidence, and made me feel more feminine (even though I was in a t-shirt, shorts & trainers!). A brilliant girlie class that will give you a few new moves to shake your chamois when you are next out and looking fabulous! And not a nipple tassel in sight!”

Leeanne Johnston, Renfrewshire


” This class is different and fun. I am in 3rd month of attending which is a triumph for me as I don’t normally enjoy exercising. But with BurleX I don’t realise I am as I am too busy trying to keep up with the moves, climbing on chairs and waving my feather boa about!! Karen is friendly and keeps us motivated and interested.”

Denise Dos Santos, Strathclyde


” Fab class no matter what your level of fitness or dance ability is! You are made to feel welcome by everyone ! Great dances to fantastic music ! I have lost an amazing 13 inches already. Karen takes this class and rocks it! I really look forward to every class.”

Lesley McDonald, Cardonald 

- BurleX students