• How do I find a BurleX Fitness class?

Enter your postcode into the ‘Find a Class’ Search engine. A list of your nearest classes will appear.

  • Am I fit enough to attend a BurleX Fitness Class?

BurleX Fitness classes provide a low/medium level of cardio fitness in the form of interval training. Everyone is encouraged to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. We offer various adaptations of core moves too, so no matter what shape or size, the moment you begin, you’re building up your own personal fitness level.

  • How do I find a BurleX Fitness Instructor Training Day in my area?

Visit our ‘Training Day’ page or alternatively send us an email stating your interest and we will help find the closest one to you. If we don’t have any training days in your area, please contact us with your details and we will inform of the first available course in your area.

  • Is there a demand for BurleX Fitness Instructors?

Yes! There are many instructors who have waiting lists for their classes. BurleX classes are so unique to any other due to the fun filled themed night out. We need more instructors to get on board!

  • Are there any prerequisites?

There are no formal prerequisites to become a BurleX Fitness Instructor other than being over the age of 18 years. We do recommend you have a dance or fitness background with some teaching experience. If you enjoy motivating and supporting others then this is the perfect job for you.

If you have no teaching experience, we may recommended you sit a minimum qualification of Level 2 Exercise to Music.

  • What is the BurleX Fitness Instructor course?

The course is a one day training event. Within this day you will learn the BurleX Fitness background and benefits, fitness science, choreography of BurleX steps and strength work. We will cover the class formula and routines structures, music, cueing and the health and safety aspects that go with teaching a class.  You will receive a goody bag on the day and have the opportunity to experience first hand two dance fitness master classes. You will leave the day confident in starting your own classes with all the knowledge and support you need. We also offer a Home Study Course for those who have busy work schedules. The Home Study option allows you the same learning opportunities as the one day course and allows you 6 months to complete.

  • How do I sign up for instructor training?

Click on your desired day on the ‘Training Day’ page and complete the registration form. Once completed you will be directed to PayPal and your booking will be confirmed once the payment has been made.

  • After I have signed up to the instructor course then what?

You will receive a reminder email 7 days prior to the event. You may start looking for places to hold your classes but will not have permission to use our marketing material, brand name and logo until you have completed the course and signed the license agreement.

  • What is the instructor license and how long does it last?

The instructor license is an agreement between the instructor and BurleX Fitness Ltd. It allows the instructor to use BurleX Fitness marketing material, brand name, logo and will have access to free advertising through the website and BurleX social media sites. You will become part of the BurleX Instructor Network and receive support and choreography tips from our Instructor Trainers and other instructors as well as invitations to workshops and master classes across the UK. There is a fee of £80.00 a year (in advance) or £10 a month to maintain the BurleX Fitness License. This is through a PayPal Subscription. Failure to pay and the license agreement is terminated along with the instructor’s rights to use the BurleX Fitness logo, brand name and marketing material.

  • How do I renew my license?

Your license is automatically renewed each year once payment has been made.

  • How soon can I start teaching classes?

As soon as you have completed the training day, received your certificate and signed your license agreement you are good to go. All this will be completed on the day of the course.

  • I registered for instructor training but cannot attend. What do I do?

You can transfer your place onto the next available training day with a one off admin cost of £10.00 per transfer. If you wish to cancel a BurleX fitness course and the notice is more than 14 days you will be refunded 50% of the total course fee. If the notice is less than 14 days you will not receive a refund. You may only transfer a maximum of two times.

  • What happens if I cannot make it to the training day due to extreme weather conditions?

If you cannot make it to the instructor training day due to extreme weather, you can transfer onto another instructor  training day. You must keep your instructor support trainer informed of your situation on the day of the course.  You must inform your instructor support trainer no later than 5 pm on the day of the instructor training day if you cannot attend otherwise your application to transfer onto another course may not be authorised.

  • What should I bring and wear at the training day?

You should bring lunch and plenty of water, a note book and a pen. Please bring a hat along with you on the day to use as a prop. You will receive an instructor manual and various other props you require for the master classes. Wear sports clothing. You will receive a BurleX Fitness top if you wish to change into it on the day. Suitable footwear such as trainers should be worn.