Who wants toned abs? You do? Then let us talk you through one of our favourite core moves which targets the abdominal muscles, the ab-teaser. This is a seated exercises popular in our chair routines. Begin in a seated position, with hands on the side of the chair for stability. Use the abdominal muscles to draw the knees up towards the chest in a circular motion. For example, the legs will circle towards the left hand side, up to the chest and back down towards the floor on the right side to complete the circle, ensuring the feet don’t touch the floor. Keep the back nice and straight and engage the abdominal’s throughout to support the spine. The bigger the circle the harder the abdominal’s have to work! An alternative to the ab-teaser to build up strength in the abdominal’s would be small knee lifts. These begin in the same seated position but the knees are lifted straight up towards the chest instead of round in a circle. If a further alternative is needed, you can begin with the knees up towards the chest and slowly lower down towards the for, as far as your muscles will let you, then draw them up again. No matter which version you are using, make sure you don’t grip onto the sides of the chair with your hands! This creates unnecessary tension in the arms, shoulder and neck. Although it makes us more stable, we are using our arms to create the stability instead of our abdominal muscles, which is not what we want! Give it a go!